January 31, 2013

Getting a drink

Allison pulled her chair over and got herself a drink with no help. I was across the room and made her do it again just so I could see (and photograph). Allison is getting more independent all the time and talking more every day.

January 28, 2013

Flash cards

Friday we had a playdate at the Warrens and Kathy showed me what she does with the boys flash cards. I had a pack of alphabet cards I'd tucked away for our road trip next week and now I can't wait to use them on the road. Kathy punched all her cards and put them on binder rings.

I found binder rings at hobby lobby ($2.99 for 12), leap frog alphabet cards from the dollar bin at target and I already had a hole punch. This took less than 5 minutes and is exactly what I wanted - now Allison can't scatter them everywhere.

I punched the first card, then used it to line up the hole for the next card do they would match.

January 26, 2013

January Playground

My phone said it was 43 degrees out but Allison and I bundled up and went to the playground anyways. She rode her bike most of the way there, abandoning it to run the last stretch. We had the playground to ourselves, alternating between swings and slides and riding her bike in the parking lot. Allison lasted about 40 minutes before the cold finally started getting to her, she was just having too much fun.

January 12, 2013

At the playground

We had the playground to ourselves this morning thanks to a grey day and threat of rain. Allison loves playing there but the cold finally convinced her to head back home. She takes after her daddy too much and kept trying to take off her jacket.

January 11, 2013


Since converting to a toddler bed at the start of the week we've had a rough time with naps. If Allison doesn't want to sleep she just waits for me to go downstairs then 5 minutes later follows me down. Wednesday she never slept at all. Today I tried something new. Allison wasn't quite ready to sleep, so I told her she could play but she had to stay in her room until she took a nap. I had no idea if she really understood or was honoring me but we tried it. I heard noises for 20-30 minutes and resisted checking on her for at least an hour (although I did wish the whole time I had a video monitor). She pulled everything off her bed and out of a toy box and fell asleep in the middle - so precious.

January 7, 2013

Big Girl Bed

Allison started climbing out of her crib a couple days ago. While we've been expecting this, it's a milestone we aren't exactly excited about. Tonight before scouts Kevin converted her crib into a toddler bed. This afternoon while trying to escape, Allison got stuck halfway out and panicked. She seems very excited about the new bed, saying "it's so cute."

January 5, 2013

New table

We got our new kitchen table today. Kevin and Allison celebrated by standing on it while watching me turn 15 different shades of red. Chairs should be here in a month or so. I am fully considering eating all meals on the couch for at least a week so I can ensure the table stats this pretty. Kevin frowns on this plan.

January 1, 2013

Night-night with Allison

Allison had a big list of "night-nights" Thursday night when we stayed with Stacey in College Station. She said good night to me, Kevin, Stacey, all three dogs, the Aggie game (football was on tv) and Jana and Steve (friends we had dinner with) on her way to bed. I think it's so cute Allison thinks every team is the Aggies.