December 29, 2012


We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family around. Allison will have a hard time adjusting when it goes back to just me and her all day. My new dining room table came in time for Christmas so we enjoyed Christmas dinner at the new table. I still can't believe we had a white Christmas - it's something I always hope for but never expect here in Texas.

Allison was overwhelmed Christmas morning but by next year I think she will really get into it. She loved her new dress up box and shared her crowns and skirts with Bailey, who was a very good sport.

Allison opening toys Christmas morning
Bailey the Princess Dog
Playing in the snow on Christmas Day
My beautiful new table with Christmas Dinner

December 20, 2012

China Cabinet

Today I unpacked our wedding china and put it into our new buffet. It felt like Christmas to pull out the boxes that have mostly been in storage or packed away since our wedding. Our new table will be here in a couple days. Now I just need to find some chairs Kevin and I can agree on.

December 19, 2012

Preschool Christmas Party

Yesterday Allison had her first Preschool Christmas Party.  I love being class mom (one of two) and organizing all their parties.  We brought in happy meals for all the kids, let them decorate sugar cookies for dessert, and didn't even make it to their craft, they had so much fun with the cookies and Christmas tree.  I love seeing the kids light up when they come in for their party - one of the little girls even gave me a big thank you hug.  
cookie decorations 

Table decorations

The kids loved finding the candy canes

All smiles for happy meals

Allison just dumped her decorations on her cookie

Allison wanted to wear my 'party hat'

December 16, 2012

Family Photos

Last weekend my friend Maiella came to visit us and graciously agreed to take some family photos.  We haven't had an family photos taken except for our wedding and Allison's baby book is the story of her and Kevin since I'm always behind the camera.  Photographing a toddler is never easy, but thankfully with digital cameras we left knowing we had some good shots.  

December 11, 2012

Santa Photos

Allison is sitting on Kevin's lap here
We made our annual visit to Santa on December 1.  Kevin's office provides Santa and some kid friendly activities (face painting, cookie decorating and a puppet show).  We have learned from previous experience to be there before it opens so we don't have a long wait in line.  Allison was a little nervous at first, but at the end sat on Santa's lap.  She loved decorating a cookie and got a Santa painted on her face.

Still not sure about Santa

Waiting in line - so excited

Cookie decorating is serious business!

Cookies are just an excuse to eat icing according to Allison

Showing off Allison's face paint

December 10, 2012


The cold front came in overnight and we woke to a dusting of snow this morning.  Before Kevin left for work we took Allison out to touch the snow.  I love this time of year and the cold weather.  

Nacho Average Caroling

Braiden and Allison out caroling
Allison and daddy at the retirement center

Wednesday night our church hosted their annual Christmas Caroling - "Nacho Average Caroling."  We skipped the nachos at church beforehand and showed up just in time to get into a hay filled trailer with our friends.  The weather was perfect and Allison had the best time with the other little kids.  The caroling went to a retirement center nearby and a couple shut ins homes before heading back for s'mores and hot chocolate.  Since we didn't get back to the church until 9 we took our cranky toddler straight home, but she did get a cookie before bed since we skipped out on the treats.

(This is my first blog post on my new computer - its taken me a week to get photos transferred and everything set up.  I hope to get caught up on posts soon.)

December 2, 2012

Where is Allison?

Today's nap has been sponsored by the closet. Not sure how this happened but it's a first.