June 23, 2013

Allison's road trip

We drove down to college station this afternoon and this is how Allison spent the first hour of the drive.  Yes, she did that to herself.  

June 22, 2013

Basil Surprise

Kevin came in from mowing the lawn saying he brought me a present.  I was afraid it was some sort of lizard/bug - not exactly on my wish list.  As it turns out the basil we grew last year went to seed and we had a patch of it growing in the backyard.  I didn't have a lot of luck with basil so we didn't get a new plant this year.  What a fun surprise and will be eaten for lunch in caprese sandwiches.  The rest will probably turn into pesto.  

June 12, 2013

Ice Cream Smiles

Allison had a great time at our local Chickfila for toddler.  The kids all got a free kids meals and Allison's favorite part is after she eats her nuggets she can turn in the toy for an ice cream.  It was pretty early for lunch (only 10:20) but crowded enough we didn't want to hang around and wait after our craft.  

June 7, 2013

Jump for Fun

This morning we met Holly, Diana and Holly's sweet girls - Brooklyn, Caroline, and Madison for some jumping fun in Southlake.  The little twins weren't too sure about the bounce houses but Allison and Brooklyn had a blast.  We haven't had a play date with Brooklyn in a couple months but the girls just love each other - you would think they were together every day.  Brooklyn was so sweet trying to give Allison a boost when she had trouble climbing up a couple times and they often went down slides together holding hands.  They had the best morning and the place was practically empty - they never had to wait and mostly had bounce houses all to themselves.  What a fun get together before Brooklyn's new baby sister joins the fun.  

June 5, 2013

Story time and craft

Chickfila hosts toddler time every week with a story and coordinating craft.  This week it was Curious George goes to the Beach and the kids decorated visors.  Allison had trouble sitting still, she kept wanting twirl her dress (and hold it up so everyone could see her belly button).  She got very focused at craft time and loved making a princess visor.  She's got the princess swim suit and summer water shoes - I'm ready to count down to our beach trip!

June 4, 2013

Morning walk

Our trip to the playground turned into a morning walk. When she saw there weren't any kids to play with Allison lost interest. Besides picking flowers (weeds) she had funny getting "tickled" by some plants. The photo is a little blurry but she had a great time.