August 30, 2014

Rice Football

For my family and Rice friends - no we don't just dress the girls up in Aggie gear (although that stuff is a lot easier to find).

Here is Taylor in her Rice shirt for today's game.  Not that it helped the score.  

August 29, 2014

Taylor's new ride

Today while Allison and Kevin went for a swim Taylor and I headed to Kroger for down groceries.  Taylor had her first ride in the shopping cart without her car seat.  She had fun looking at everything and sitting up.  She's always so happy, it's so much fun to watch her see new things.  

August 16, 2014

She speaks

To celebrate being 9 months old today Taylor said both "dada" and "mama"

August 12, 2014

Big day part 2

Carrousel after lunch 
Waiting with Nana to enter Lego land

I want one of these! 
Taylor enjoyed the toddler area 
Getting strapped in for the bunge trampoline 
Look how high she went

Our big day

Allison and Taylor got to see the attractions at Grapevine Mills today.  We started with the aquarium, then food court lunch with carousel ride.  Next up Lego land and finishing the day with a bounce thing.  

Waiting on the crew
Taylor's first time in the stroller without the car seat
Allison in a bubble
Taylor gets a good view
Allison had so much fun
The shark photo bombed us!
Allison and her cousin Sarina 

August 6, 2014

Allison's dance class

She pouted during the ballet section but got it together for tap.  

August 4, 2014

Library friends

Allison made a friend today at the library. She and Gavin gave each other books then read together.

Taylor's first pancake

Yesterday morning Allison helped make pancakes and Taylor got to try her first one.

August 1, 2014

Summer school

Yesterday was the last day of summer school.  They had a performance and all the kids got on stage and sang half a dozen songs.  Allison had been practicing really hard at home but was just exhausted after having VBS every evening.  She did ok, but spent half the time sitting down.  

Allison's wearing a white shirt and teal skirt - the stage lighting washed the kids out for pictures.  

Allison with her teacher at the end of the day.