June 28, 2014

Post Mission Trip nap

Kevin just got back from a 6 day mission trip on Oklahoma with our churches High school kids.  Over 90 people went on the trip.  Allison is watching tangled while enjoying her pretzels and daddy-pillow.  

June 17, 2014

Summer school

Allison did fantastic at her first day of summer school.  She wore her backpack an carried her lunch in by herself.  Her favorite part of the day was play dough.  Instead of naptime her class has quiet time and watches Veggie Tales after lunch.

June 14, 2014

Taylor's first play date

Kevin and Allison are on a Father's Day camping trip.  While Taylor and O are having some girl time my friend Jamie came over with her daughter, Cecilia.  The girls were so interested in each other, it was really fun to watch.  

June 11, 2014

Movie date

I took the girls to their first ever movie today (cinemark dollar movies).  Allison was so excited.  We met a couple friends there for our weekly playgroup outing.

Both girls did great, Taylor spent most of the movie in my lap.  Alison sat in her own seat and had her own little bag of popcorn.  At the end Allison asked to see another one right away.  So proud of my sweet girls.

Ella, Abby, Callie and Allison

June 9, 2014

The "Elsa" side braid

Allison asked to have her hair "just like Elsa".  She's sad it's not longer but she determined for it to grow so it will be just like a princess.

June 5, 2014

Taylor's high chair

This morning Taylor had 2 firsts - first time on the high chair and first time eating yogurt (peach).  She did great with both, ate over a tablespoon of yogurt, and not too messy!  Allison even fed her one bite and Allison said she "loved it" that she and Taylor ate the same breakfast.  

June 2, 2014

Taylor update

Taylor had a great 6 month checkup last week.  Dr. Selzer was very happy with her progress.  
13 lb 6 oz - bottom 5%
25.6 inches - 28%
16.5 head - 34%

Still a petite little thing, but her height percentage shot way up from last time.  She's sleeping through the night but not consistently yet, hopefully that will come soon.  

She loves Cheerios, watching the dogs play, and having her big sister sing to her.