July 26, 2013

Burp clothes - style 2

I made a second batch of burp cloths for my college roommate who had a little girl last week.  I made two different styles, some of the vertical one like before and these with just the decorative fabric at the bottom.  The next batch (for Allison's pediatrician who is due next month) will hopefully have more details and some trim work.  I am very slowly getting better.  Almost ready to tackle the birthday dresses I bought fabric to make for Brooklyn and Allison.

July 25, 2013

Frozen yogurt date

After preschool Allison and I stopped for a sour of the moment frozen yogurt date. She had the best time trying out the flavors and picking our toppings (chocolate yogurt with strawberries and crushed Oreos if you were wondering).  Allison picked a booth for a while I paid.  I couldn't resist taking pictures, she was having so much fun.

July 17, 2013


Saturday night my dad took us out to dinner.  Allison ate all of her corn dog bites so got to have a cookie for dessert. The cookies at Devivo Bros Eatery were bigger than Allison's head.  The photos don't really do it justice but I couldn't get Allison to pose with it, she was in a hurry to break off a chunk.  It was pretty yummy - I finished it the next day for a snack.

July 16, 2013

First sewing project

I completed my first ever sewing project this weekend.  Inspired by a couple Pinterest  photos I made some decorated burp clothes for my friend Lori's baby shower.  Each one took about an hour and came out pretty cute. 

July 14, 2013

Allison an the donut

When I told Allison that Papa D was bringing donut over this morning she said  "Yummy!  Delicious!  I can't wait to see it!"

Such enthusiasm.  I think there's probably a lesson here - sometimes all you need to have a great day is a pink donut (and a good attitude).  

July 9, 2013

Crafts in the car

Allison was a very good girl during what turned into an hour long trip to Hobby Lobby trip (so many sales) last week.  When she saw a section of Disney stickers she asked for one and I thought it was a good treat.  Rather than the princess, fairy, or Minnie stickers, my funny girl picked out Toy Story stickers.  Allison clutched them tightly all the way to checkout and then carried them to the car herself.  She told me her little hands couldn't open them but maybe my big hands could.  Once opened she proceeded to decorate her leg the entire drive home.  Maybe I should start keeping craft paper in the car!  Once home Allison transferred all the stickers from her leg to the coffee table.  I just reminded myself that once we are done with the toddler years (it has to happen someday) Kevin and I are already planning on replacing that table.

The stickers came off pretty easily after Allison went to bed.  

July 3, 2013

Allison and the ducks

Allison is trying to convince the wild ducks at the bayhouse to follow her up to the second story porch.  She told the ducks "follow me ducks, I love you".  She has also tried quacking and flapping her 'wings' at them as well as wishing them happy birthday.  However if a duck comes within five feet of her she screams in terror.