September 29, 2012


Allison has been sick since Wednesday night, diagnosed with an ear infection and some kind of viral infection. Thursday her fever got as high as 104.5, so it was a very scary couple days here. Thankfully Allison made it through today fever free. She is still in recovery, and passed out a little while ago on the floor.

September 27, 2012

A girl and her horse

Even with a fever of 103 Allison wanted to ride her pony. She hasn't wanted to do anything today except watch TV until I brought down her pony.

Her fever doesn't seem to be responding well to drugs, please keep Allison in your prayers.

September 26, 2012

Golf cart ride

My dad took us to lunch today and we got to take his new golf cart to the country club. Allison had a great time riding back and forth.

September 23, 2012

New Season New Look

Fall has officially started, despite the 90+ temperatures here in Fort Worth.  With the new season I have taken the time to update the look of the blog - it will change seasonally from now on (hopefully), or as I have time (more realistically).  You will also notice the new tabs at the top - I'm very excited about these.  All the blog posts will still be on the home page, but now you can click on a tab to pull up all the posts related to that topic.  Going through and labeling 200 posts last night I realized how many recipes and projects I haven't added.  I'm so excited about the new look and inspired to add new projects soon.

September 22, 2012

Horses and Balloons

We spent the evening in Plano watching the hot air balloon festival.

 The church where we parked had a horse paddock adjacent to the property. Allison was so excited to pet the horse and feed him some goldfish.

We had fun watching the balloons, especially as they lit up after dark.  We were there in time to see the afternoon flights take off, land and perform and evening 'light' show.
The afternoon flights lifting off
Glowing balloons after sunset

BNSF Family Fun Day

Yesterday we met Kevin at work for his office's annual family day. We couldn't get Allison out of the bouncy house - she had so much fun. She also loved the music and seeing the model trains.

September 16, 2012


After a drizzly day we had a beautiful rainbow this evening. What a great end to the weekend.

September 12, 2012

Adventures at Little Gym

Allison swung from the uneven bars - a first. I thought she would be scared but she's fearless. My dad came to class with us then took us out to lunch.

Tonight I led my first Financial Peace University class. I'm so excited to be helping five families change their lives over the next couple months.

September 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Allison

My baby turned 2 today, its so hard to believe. She's growing up so fast. We added a trip to Petsmart to the mornings errands and had fun looking at the animals (ours has cat adoption and doggy daycare with viewing area). I made homemade cupcakes we took to playgroup, then my dad brought over Pappasitos takeout for dinner. Allison had a blast opening her presents - clothes, books and a big box of sidewalk chalk. She put on a pair of new leggings under her dress then we went outside to try out the chalk. I think one of her favorite gifts was a singing birthday card. Allison blew out the candle on her cupcake herself and just loved all the attention.

September 8, 2012

Go Aggies

Last night we went to First Yell and Midnight yell. Getting to be part of the first concert in Kyle Field was amazing. This morning we had breakfast at Jana and Steve's home then back to Stacey's to watch the game. Gig 'Em!

September 4, 2012

Pampering in a Jar

Last week I made these adorable jars for Allison's preschool teachers. We took them to 'meet the teacher' night at school and they were a big hit.

I used quart jars and trimmed them with some leftover paper from Allison's birthday invitations. I made the label myself and cut it out with a scallop punch. In each jar I included - fuzzy socks (Ulta), a gourmet hot chocolate mix (Mama Lee's), a large travel size body wash (St Ives oatmeal - one of my favorites), two pretty nail files (Ulta), and three mini perfumes from my stock of samples. I had some chocolates to put in a well but ran out of room!

I found the idea on pinterest, here is the original website:

If you don't have jars (or want to save them for canning), you could call it pampering in a bag and put a label on a little gift bag. You could also call them pampering socks and stuff the other items into the socks as a cute touch.

First Day of Preschool

Allison started preschool today. I have very mixed feelings about it! I know she will have fun as learn so much, but driving home without her was hard.

I printed out a little first day of school sign, but Allison didn't really cooperate on holding it.  I got a couple pictures of her coloring it instead!  I also bought her the cutest first day outfit not planning on triple digit weather today.  So we took a few pictures in the new outfit, then changed into a short sleeved dress.  Allison didn't want to change - she loved her new clothes.
In the outfit I bought her for her first day - was a little too big! 
Waiting for the doors to open outside school

September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

Me and Allison in the Botanic Gardens
Hope everyone is enjoying the day off and spending time with friends and family. We went to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens ad Japanese Gardens this morning. It was too hot to spend more than a couple hours, but we had fun walking around. Afterwards we ran a couple errands and finished with lunch at Chuys - my favorite. Now we are getting ready for Allison's first day of school tomorrow.
Japanese Gardens - Kevin & Allison
Japanese Gardens - Walking on water
Motion activated fountain - so much fun

September 2, 2012

Gator Golf

My dad never got my sister or me into golfing - despite his many attempts. He now has another chance for a golfing girl with Allison - I got him gator golf for Father's Day. Today he and Allison pulled it out. While she's a little young for it, she had a great time and was highly entertained by the gator.


Allison is taste testing party favors for her upcoming birthday.

Nana and Papa D

Last night my parents took us out to dinner. Allison couldn't sit still, she was so excited to see her Nana especially.