February 19, 2014

Allison's first camping trip

Sunday afternoon Allison went on her first real camping trip (meaning GiGi and granddaddy weren't right there with the Trailer).   She and Kevin left Sunday afternoon for Lake Grapevine and came back after breakfast on Monday.  It was a great first trip, Allison's already asked to do it again.  They found a playground, cooked hot dogs and roasted marshmallows.  

I'm already looking forward to the day when Kevin can take BOTH girls with him.  

February 18, 2014

Countdown to Gigi's house

A couple days ago we made a countdown ring - I saw it on Pinterest or possibly a magazine.  I cup paper strips, Allison decorated them and then we made a chain.  Each morning she breaks a link off and when we get to the end that means it's time to go see GiGi (and granddaddy too).  Allison got upset yesterday when I told her to break a chain because she thought they were too pretty.  Maybe next time we won't decorate them!

Taylor's fan club

Allison always asks me to bring Taylor into preschool when I drop her off and pick her up.  Allison like so show off 'her' baby.  All the little girls come look, it's so cute.  I love that I've known most of these girls for 18 months now, they watched me be pregnant and they love seeing Taylor.  

February 16, 2014

3 months old

Taylor turned 3 months old today.  Last night she rolled over for the first time - over a month earlier than Allison did.  Exciting and scary at the same time.

February 14, 2014


I woke up to these beautiful roses, which made up for the fact that Allison woke up complaining that her left ear hurt (sure sign of an ear infection).

So the girls and I spent Valentines morning with Dr. Selzer then had some time to kill before Little Gym.  We opted for Dunkin Donuts, based solely on proximity.

Allison loved her heart shaped donut in addition to eating all the sausage out of my breakfast  sandwich.  I wasn't impressed with the donuts but that's ok.  The place around the corner from our house is much better.  

February 12, 2014

Preschool Valentines

Tomorrow Allison has a valentines party at preschool.  There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest but really I'm a little short on time right now so I used the same idea as last year.  I did the packaging a little different and they turned out very cute.  Not bad for a 30 min project.

February 11, 2014


Here's a photo of our playground.  The icicles have been here for at least two days.

February 6, 2014


Allison associated snow with Christmas since the last two years we've actually had a white Christmas.  This morning she ran into our room saying "Mommy, it's snowing, it's Christmas!"  Still working in that calendar concept.