December 10, 2012

Nacho Average Caroling

Braiden and Allison out caroling
Allison and daddy at the retirement center

Wednesday night our church hosted their annual Christmas Caroling - "Nacho Average Caroling."  We skipped the nachos at church beforehand and showed up just in time to get into a hay filled trailer with our friends.  The weather was perfect and Allison had the best time with the other little kids.  The caroling went to a retirement center nearby and a couple shut ins homes before heading back for s'mores and hot chocolate.  Since we didn't get back to the church until 9 we took our cranky toddler straight home, but she did get a cookie before bed since we skipped out on the treats.

(This is my first blog post on my new computer - its taken me a week to get photos transferred and everything set up.  I hope to get caught up on posts soon.)

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