May 22, 2011

Zoo Day

After Church we headed into Fort Worth to the Zoo for a Rice Alumni sponsored lunch.  On our way we drove past the entrance for the botanical gardens and decided we will definitely visit there, although I vote to wait until the fall and cooler weather.

We got to the lunch towards the end but met a few Rice Alums, no one there I knew.  Today was the first day Fort Worth felt like Houston - it was 100% humidity and I thought I was melting!  Allison got too hot riding in her stroller as we walked through the zoo, so she got to see most of it from her favorite spot on Kevin's shoulders.  She holds on by grabbing his hair, but he still has to keep a hand on her.  At one point she got very interested in his ear (see picture).  Though she slept through the second half of the zoo, it was a fun trip, though very hot.

Kevin put in another couple hours on the yard (I helped a little) so now the front flower bed is done, we just have to take care of the tree.  The next phase of the yard will be tearing out the builder's ugly plants, but first we have to decide what to replace them with.

We are counting down to our Wyoming trip on Friday!

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