August 15, 2011

Monday Monday

Also a new food today - snow peas in her fried
rice.  Our fried rice did not include cheerios or
 teddy grahams.
Why does it feel like Mondays are always the hardest day of the week?   After spending 2 hours yesterday organizing coupons and making my grocery list I got to the store this morning only to find my coupons were still sitting on the counter at home.  

Allison still has a runny nose, and a bit of fussiness.  I'm quite ready for this to be over - its been over a week now.

Despite that she managed a new word, and used it correctly in context even.  Most of my phone calls these days are done on speaker phone so Allison can listen and contribute as she desires.  For 3 separate phone calls today at the end of the conversation Allison said "bye."  Of course only Kevin heard it, she said by to Papa D (my dad) and GiGi (Kevin's mom) right after each had hung up.  New rule - if you are on the phone with Allison, wait 30 seconds after saying 'bye' before you hang up if you want to hear her say it.  At the moment it's a tiny bit of a delayed reaction.

Unfortunately BNSF had a fatality today, so Kevin didn't make it home until after 7pm.  As I was throwing together dinner Kevin surprised me by pulling a bottle of champagne out of the fridge.  It was a great way to end a stressful day and made a simple dinner special.  

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