February 8, 2012

Not so Superbowl snack

Just out of the oven - certainly looked yummy
A couple weeks ago I saw a recipe for baked buffalo chicken bites and thought it would make a good Superbowl snack.  Since we were staying home to watch the game I wanted to make bar food type snacks, but liked the idea of baked not fried, easier execution, and less calories means I can still have dessert too, right?

I served them with both ranch and blue cheese dipping sauce.  Would have been nice to know ahead of time that Kevin hates blue cheese!  Anyone want an almost full bottle of blue cheese dressing?

Here is the recipe: http://sweetpeaskitchen.com/2011/09/24/buffalo-chicken-bites/


Turns out it was better in theory than execution.  It took a fair bit of effort, and Kevin and I weren't impressed.  First I mixed the dough (left picture), then made patties (middle), then the dipping for a crispy coating- flour, egg wash, and crushed corn flakes (right).  I bought the corn flakes the day before but they tasted stale - not sure if it was the baking time, or if they had been sitting on the Kroger shelves for eons?  I'm glad I tried it and it kicked my craving for anything 'buffalo' until next Superbowl rolls around but I wouldn't recommend it.  If you do try it I would switch out panko crumbs for the corn flakes.  Oh well, this week I'm baking for a cookie sale fundraiser at Church, I saw a lemon cookie recipe this morning, maybe we'll try that for this weeks new recipe.

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