March 15, 2012

Little Gym and 18 month checkup

Here is a video from today's Little Gym class where Allison demonstrates a new skill on the bars. Up until a month ago the bars made her cry, but now she runs up to the low ones, grabs on and picks up her feet to see how long she can hang there and "swing" if I push her a little. A few months ago we went through the same thing with the balance beam - she hated it until one week she decided she loved it.

We had her 18 month check up on Monday and got a great report from the pediatrician. Allison is at 10% on weight and just below 50% on height, which is about where she's been since the start, at least for weight. She's been slowly gaining on her height %, but I doubt she'll end up as tall as I am (which is a good thing). Based on her vocabulary and hand-eye coordination the doctor put her development at 2 yr old level, which was exciting to hear. Allison's ability to clap to a beat and jump with both feet (getting off the ground and landing) are both skills not normally acquired for several more months.

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