November 9, 2012

Family Day at the Zoo

We took our coin jar money and had a fantastic family outing Sunday.  We were at the zoo when it opened at 10.  The crisp weather meant lots of active animals.  Allison's favorite were the elephants, penguins and (much to my dismay) the crocodiles.   Then we headed to Chuys for our favorite Mexican food.  We all love their creamy jalepeno dip - we are trying to teach Allison it's not polite to drink salsa through her straw.   It would help if daddy wasn't trying to do it too.  After lunch we had a few dollars left so spent them at Barnes and Noble on a new book for Allison.  Then home for naps, pretty much a perfect day.
Counting the elephants with Daddy
Allison was so excited about this elephant
Kevin & Allison in the bird enclosure

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