August 19, 2012

Towel rack upgrade

Here's the successful Pinterest project of the week - we replaced our old towel rack in the master bathroom with hooks and a shelf to add some display space in our bathroom.  We used to display the glass around the edges of our tub, but had to put them away once we started using that tub for Allison's baths.

Total cost: $40 - Hobby Lobby
Time: 2 hours - most of which was picking the letters, then sizing them

I was afraid I was going to pull down our towel bar cramming on the extra fluffy towels (it happened once at the last house).  I saw a couple ideas for hooks, and happened to see this shelf combo on sale a couple weeks ago - at about 1/3 of the price of ones I had been looking at on Amazon.  I wasn't looking for one with picture frames, but since this is what we had, I used another Pinterest idea for free letters and spelled out our last name.  I pulled the free letters, then sized them in powerpoint to print them.  I used regular paper - probably would have come out nicer on photo paper, but this worked.

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