April 13, 2013

Spice Cabinet

Over the last few months I've had a nagging thought every time I grab the garlic salt or other savory seasoning from my spice cabinet "Are my cupcake liners going to smell like garlic or steak seasoning next time I use them?"  I finally decided to do something about it.
Before - not pretty, semi-organzied

Before re-organizing I did have all my baking jars on the left (vanilla, cinnamon, etc) and savory seasonings on the right.  Within each side jars were more or less alphabetical, with the front row being ones I use most often.  My stand with all the spices sat pushed over to the left, all the other stuff squeezed on the right (nearer the savory spices), although most of it was cupcake papers and other baking supplies.

After - so much better
First I emptied everything out, wiped down the cabinet and hand washed the platform stand the spices stack on.  Now with a clean start I could reload everything.  I kept my left side baking, right side savory because its what I'm used to and know that's where I reach for things.  I centered the stand this time, leaving room on both sides.  First I put in all the seasoning jars for each side, alphabetical left-right and front row to back row on the tower.  The front row is the stuff I reach for most often, for me that's burger seasoning, steak seasoning, red pepper flakes and an Italian seasoning grinder.  Large jars are on the right (seasoning salt, garlic salt) and some random things like toothpicks.

Savory seasonings - After
 Baking supplies went back in alphabetical, my front row being vanilla and almond extracts, and some individual coffee packets.  I have small jars and sprinkles containers in the very front because they are easy to see over.  On the left I have large jars of sprinkles, a big jar of cocoa powder (behind the cupcake liners) and a quart jar for cupcake liners.
Baking supplies are now with the baking spices

Cupcake liners in a quart jar

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