February 5, 2013

Oreo valentines

I wanted to make homemade valentines for Allison's preschool party.  Yes, we are missing the party during our trip, but its a chance to be creative and make the kids a treat.  I saw something similar on Pinterest, but with no link.

I used ziploc snack bags which were a little small, but the quart sized ones had big logos on them.  Next time I'll get some from the dollar store.  I had the straws and striped paper (cut to 5 inches tall by 6.5 wide), and picked up a 12 pack of mini oreos for under $5 at Target.  For the label I googled 'free cookie monster clipart' for my cookie monster and found a valentine one.  I printed the label on cardstock, used double stick tape to attach to the striped paper then stapled the label onto the bags.  Total time: less than 1 hour.

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