February 20, 2013

Presidents Day

We came back from our vacation early - those posts to come as soon as I sort photos. Having an extra day as a family was so nice. We made a zoo trip before lunch at Chuys. I love having a zoo membership - I don't worry about the cost, and I don't fuss if we just go for a short visit and don't see everything on every trip. After about an hour Allison got hungry so we headed out for lunch. We sat outside at lunch and just had fun as a family. I think Allison ate more salsa than I did. She makes e smile watching her scoop up big bites of spicy salsa and creamy jalepeno dip. Allison an Kevin had a daddy-daughter afternoon while I had a dr appt and then ran some errands. It's funny that going to Target by myself is a treat now. I took advantage of the opportunity to do some Easter shopping. Now back to our regularly scheduled routine.

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