January 28, 2012

Granbury Trip

After lunch today we drove down to Granbury for the afternoon.  Our first stop was at Barking Rocks Winery.  Kevin loved the giant cactus out front, and Allison's favorite part was playing with the owners dog while we did a wine tasting.  They offer live music the first Friday of every month, and based on their setup looks like it could be fun - www.barkingrockswine.com.  We came home with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for Kevin.

These new best friends shared kisses, cuddles, and goldfish snacks

Next up was a windmill farm the winery owner recommended touring which ended up being a bed and breakfast with over 40 windmills on display on the property.  It was fun to drive through - they had an info packet at the property entrance with descriptions and facts about each of their windmills.  www.thewindmillfarm.com.  I now have 5 pages of info about windmills.  Fun fact: Metal chickens (not pictured) aren't functional to the windmill - they are purely decorative and help sell more windmills.

We walked through the town square with the usual coffee shops, antiques and such.  Dublin Dr. Peppers were priced from $10-$15 a can, so buy them now if you are so inclined.  Allison started getting a little fussy so we cut our window shopping a little short, got a hot chocolate for the road and headed back to the city.

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