January 29, 2012

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

My dad hates brussels sprouts, so I was never forced to eat them as a kid.  I don't blame him because I think my grandma boiled most vegetables.  I think the first time I ever ate one was at Joshua's in Wells, Maine - the favorite restaurant of our honeymoon.  Of course those brussels sprouts came from the chef/owner's backyard garden, but I hoped the pioneer woman's holiday recipe for roasted brussels sprouts would turn out something ok with the ones I could find at Kroger.  

I cut her recipe by a third since it was just us and had a laughable mistake along the way.  The brussels sprouts turned out great - Allison actually ate half a dozen or more.  I liked the cranberries mixed in, though Kevin would have preferred it without.  My problem was the balsamic glaze - I cut the ingredients by a third, but didn't make any changes to the cooking time and way overcooked it.  It thickened so much when I went to go drizzle it I had to chip it out of the pan.  So instead I put the pan in the sink to soak with hot water and we had ours minus the glaze.  Laugh with me and learn from my mistake.  

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