October 25, 2012

Preschool Fall Festival

Allison in front of the ark
Allison's preschool doesn't celebrate Halloween, but they do have a fall festival every year at the end of October. This year's theme was Noah's Ark and all the kids were encouraged to dress up as animals. This would have been a better idea if it wasn't 80 degrees out today and 100% humidity, but that's Texas.

The little ones were all just so cute. They lined up and 'paraded' into the main building. They had story time, snack time and a music class. We decided to go back to the classroom to decorate pumpkins - that way we could get the kids out of their costumes first.

So far I really enjoy being a room mom and love spending time with the kids. It's so sweet when the little ones want to hold my hand or come to me for help. I expect it from Allison, but it melts my heart when the others reach out to me too.

Allison and Abby playing catch
My pretty girl
Allison and Abby playing hockey
Allison and Jesse at storytime

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