October 22, 2012

Washing machine clean out

Kevin's favorite green shirt just came out of the wash with a mysterious black stain on it so I decided it's time to clean out the washing machine and dryer.

I found this website from Pinterest:

Before starting - be warned, this is a long process.  You have to run 2 complete cycles, plus two hours soaking.  Aside from that all it requires is a quart of bleach and quart of vinegar.

I followed the steps, but I'm not sure it did anything. My water stayed clear the whole time - don't know if something didn't work or just that my machine wasn't that dirty. I cleaned late last night then this morning did a good scrub with a magic eraser to get buildup off the agitator and up at the very top and under the rim. The eraser needed some hard scrubbing to work, but made a huge difference. I then ran an empty cycle through to wash out any residue before I put clothes in.
Close up of under the rim - yuck (before magic eraser)

Next up - cleaning out the dryer. I have no idea how, guess it's time to google.

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