March 4, 2013


Saturday night Kevin and I hosted a "date night" for some of our friends. We used to have a structured babysitting schedule with some couples at church but scheduling became an issue. Last month we decided to go free form, if you wanted to babysit offer, and then other people will offer so you can go out. I kicked things off with the first round and had 3 couples bring over their kiddos. Everyone kept asking if I was sure we could do this but I was so at peace about it - totally unlike me. Kids came over at 5:30, played for an hour then had a pizza picnic around our coffee table. They ran around for another hour then some cookies and a movie. My favorite quote of the night came from Michael as he played with Allison before anyone else had arrived: "you be Princess Leia and I'm Darth Vader." He hasn't even seen the movies but he's really into Star Wars, I love that.  The kids all entertained each other, it was amazingly easy.

Pizza and a Sophia episode

We made rainbow cloud crafts 

Everyone played dress up and makeup

Sadie found a hat and 'purse' to go with her dress and bangles

These three took turns with 1 in the car and the other two pushing

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