March 21, 2013

Dream Castle

Monday we bought a new set of pots and pans on a rare Costco trip. Big thanks to my dad for letting us benefit from his membership. After unpacking and washing all the new dishes we had a lot of cardboard and a big box to deal with. I told Kevin to leave it and we would have some craft time fun.

Yesterday Allison watched the Sophia episode about making a dream castle so that turned into the perfect craft. We piled up the random pieces into a tower and then decorated it with stickers. We've been adding to the decorations today and will continue to do so until she gets bored or runs out of stickers - whichever comes first.
Posing with her dream castle "just like Rapunzel's tower"
Stars on top
Carefully decorating

This afternoon adding glitter glue
Next up - what to make out of the giant box. . .

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