March 24, 2013

BNSF Easter Party

Waiting with daddy
Yesterday morning Kevin's office hosted their annual Easter Party.  Allison had such a good time and was so excited to meet the Easter bunny.  Based on past experiences we learned to get there right when they open to avoid a long line for pictures.  10 minutes early and we were the first ones in line.  Allison played with daddy and took pictures with me while we waited.

Allison wasn't scared at all and climbed right into the bunny's lap.  We could hardly get her to look at the camera, she was staring up at the bunny in awe.  It was so sweet, but not great for pictures.

After photos we watched the clowns make balloon animals - Allison got a giraffe and a bunny.  She also decorated a cookie with purple frosting and won an Easter basket at a spin the wheel game.

Unfortunately the egg hunt and petting zoo were cancelled due to the rain, but they handed out treat bags full of candy so Allison didn't even notice.

Waiting in line with mommy

Allison was so excited to meet the Easter Bunny

it doesn't get any cuter
showing off her cookie

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