March 25, 2013

Easter with Nana and Papa D

"Just like Minnie"

Easter Basket

Saturday Allison fell asleep in the car on the way home from the BNSF Easter Party.  When she woke up she begged to go for a drive.  I grabbed my keys and we headed out, ending up at my parents house for an impromptu visit.  They let Allison have her Easter basket since we will be camping during actual Easter weekend.

Allison was delighted with her big purple basket - filled with a soft My Little Pony, a Minnie Mouse dress up outfit - complete with ears, a bag of colored goldfish snacks and some candy.  Allison was most excited about the candy stash until we got her to try on the ears - she didn't take them off until bedtime and even that was a stretch.

Showing Papa D her candy stash

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